OLED Display Smart Watch Bluetooth

OLED Display Smart Watch Bluetooth Bracelet with Call Answer / Time / Music / Caller ID / Vibration / Ringtone / 
mart Watch is a smartwatch that tells time while offering much more. By connecting you to all your Bluetooth enabled devices-phones, smartphones, tablets and PCs-inDigi Bracelet Smart Watch keeps you up-to-date with a glance at your wrist. On incoming calls, inDigi Bracelet Smart Watch rings and vibrates, displaying the caller number and/or contact* on its OLED screen. You can easily answer or reject calls thanks to its intuitive side buttons and integrated speaker/microphone. inDigi Bracelet Smart Watch also lets you listen to music from your mobile device while on the go! When your phone is out of range, inDigi Bracelet Smart Watch alerts you with a vibration, ensuring against theft or loss. With your phone's main functions readily available on your wrist, you'll stay connected at all times! This Bluetooth bracelet with caller id oled display will keep you and your mobile phone connected. Once you sync your mobile phone to this bracelet it will keep track of where your phone is, help take calls with an LCD caller id prompt. If you phone moves out of range your bracelet will vibrate indicating it is on the move. You can also play music through your watch, plug in your headphones for private listening. The future is now, get yours today!

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